December 29, 2013

biokovo, and how to catch a wolf

How to catch a wolf, you might want to know ?
Build a trap like this one, with doors that close after entering.
And again, as the further a wolf enters, the narrower it gets,
till there is hardly any space left, and no chance of escape.
Do not forget to put a hamburger inside :-)

The trap on the picture, we discovered on Biokovo,
and however a bit neglected, it still shows very well how it works.
Entering on the front side, it ends in the right side, and there,
poor wolf, there is no escape no more.
Better than being shot illegally, return it to where it came from,
being Bosnia or Serbia, tagged, measured and registered.

Currently there is a discussion going on about the increase of wolves, and the problems they seem to make.
For centuries wolves have been feared, sometimes fair enough,
much of it however pure "hear say".
Same goes for the risk of snake bites here, all talk about it,
but asking for names of people who got bitten, or worse, never a name occurs.
Wolves are well protected in Croatia, along with lynx and bears,
and seem to increase in number.
Which is good, in my opinion, but most hunters are less amused.

This is pure and pristine nature, so it makes sense to take care, however the chance of seeing a wolf is more a moment to be delighted, rather than to be scared.
In other words, you might discover where this cage is, the chance you'll see a wolf is zero, as they see, smell, hear you long before,
and hide away from human eyes.

So when they manage to eat a dog, goat or sheep,
a mistake was made in the first place.
As those animals should have a safe shelter for the night anyway.
As goes for humans :-), because when wolves are around,
better take care, both of yourself ánd the wolves.

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