December 09, 2013

wanna see some snow ?

OK, you'll have cross the border to experience winter conditions.
But in less than an hour's drive from Split
you're in a totally different climate.
Crazy huh, coming from Split's boulevard (called Riva),
between palm trees at the Adriatic, you drive to Livno in Bosnia,
and there it is, cold snowy winter.

A bit further, all together (just) about one hundred kilometres from Split, and you're in Kupres, the nearest ski resort.
Lot's of people from this part of Dalmatia leave their sunny life
here at the coast, for a weekend on ski's in Bosnia.
Didn't do so yet, but be sure I will, as it's one of the many possibilities regular tourists never thought possible.

But it is !
One hour by car from palm trees to piste, wow.
Indeed, Dalmatia is WOW, and nót only in summer.

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