December 19, 2013

cetina cave man

Between must do and have to, me and my good friend Robert of malimlin always plan some "expedition".
This time we went to have a look in one of the many holes and caves in our area.
This one, as you can see, is high above the Cetina River near Omis.

So, up, up and up we went, not easy, but worth the try.
Lot's of loose gravel on the slope, but also interesting plants.
After a while I reached the first "cave", just big enough to enter it,
so I did, and waited till Robert showed up.

As far as we could see there was nothing very special inside, but for someone looking for a cheap place to sleep during the crowded summer season it's big enough.
Waking up here at least rewards you with a splendid view.
As this picture shows.

For me it's all about getting to know the finest, unknown places around Omis, as is for Robert, but he also uses his detailed knowledge to inform his clients, making it a win-win, even for you in case you like to discover hidden secrets.
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