December 05, 2013

FOSAL.HR, a new local informative website

Recently a new website was launched in Omis.

Only available in Croatian language, but that's pretty normal, 
as it's specially for the citizens of Omis :-)
For others, like me as a Dutchman living here, 
there is the help of Google Translate.

For all people from Omis, especially for those who live anywhere else on the globe nowadays,
it's very interesting and informative, 
specially because new visions occur in Omis.

As a happily living foreigner living near Omis, 
politics are not my thing.
I just observe, and what I read and hear looks like at last Omis is stepping up to the position it deserves.


And it looks like the new mayor, dr. Kovacic, is finally taking care of Omis the way it deserves.
As Omis has a unique combination of possibilities, 

with sandy beaches, Cetina river, an old centre and a tremendous lot of breath taking nature around.
(And a couple of problems to be solved).

So, besides well known Slobodna Dalmacija, now there is:

So dó follow the local news and dó see that website.