December 20, 2013

beautiful bosnia (sorry, but it's herzegovina :-)

Yesterday, because we had to bring our car to the service station in Imotski, we decided to cross the border into Bosnia-Herzegovina.

First I must tell a small joke, made by one of the border officials:
after our papers had been checked (a formality), and were allowed to continue, my wife said "so now we're in Bosnia".
The friendly officer answered however "no, you're now in Herzegovina".
You may say "oh well, big deal", that's like going from one state to another in the US, but it's not.
The Dayton agreement may have ended the war, creating a new country called Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), there is a húge difference, but that would lead me to explaining politics, and I promised myself to nót use this blog for politics.

Better it is to make you see how f*cking beautiful this region is, and that not only means Dalmatia, and móst certainly not only it's fantastic Adriatic coast.

By the way, the picture was taken in Nature Park (park prirode) Blidinje.
A magnificent area, ánd, as soon as snow falls, a nice place to go skiing to !
Not a big piste, but sufficiently equipped for those who like to combine a stay in for instance Makarska, between palm trees at the Adriatic and a bit of snow fun, as it's less than two hours by car .

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