December 29, 2013

biokovo, year round a beauty !!!

I'm not gonna spend many words on this one,
just click on the picture to enlarge it.
Robert ( my good friend from mali mlin agency ) and I,
once every week or so, get out on a tour, trip, hike.
Always impressed by the wealth of nature around our houses,
this time again we went to Biokovo Nature Park.

And again it was fántástic !
This giant area is so full of rough beautiful nature,
you are a complete idiot (sorry, but true), if you do what many visitors do.
Drive to the top, look around and return to the beach or a beer.
No, nó, NÓ.

Forget about the top at Sv.Jure, stop anywhere, and get going !
And if lucky enough, like us living here, of season it only gets better,
between summer and summer :-)

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