April 29, 2014

cats.....just cats

For those who frequently read this blog this is no news.
We've got a couple of cats.
Shit happens, as I never was a cat person, but living in Dalmatia things changed.
To be honest, a lot has changed, and for the better.

These cats are a perfect example of all changes in our life.
They just happened to like us.

Living here in (almost) pure wilderness,
one day two young cats came walking in.
Guess somebody kicked them out of the car, or forgot to feed them.
Anyway, they came, and having one or two rapidly changes into more.

We take care of them, buying loads of catfood, feeding them and giving them some love and tender care.
Some of them stay, some other leave again, searching for a partner or even finding a better place to live (if there is one, as mind you, ours still is the best).

Couple of young cats came stumbling in, with a typical cats disease, so we ran to the vet and got some medicine.
First couple of days we had to gain trust, but slowly they got to understand we meant well, so medication was effectively applied and the disease conquered.

And look now, see that bundle of furry happiness.
We take care of them, and get a lot of pleasure and love in return.
The only problem now is to get them out of that seat again.   

Mind you, MY SEAT, where I sit when I have a smoke outside.