April 29, 2014

powerful internet (at last !!! )

One of the "problems" of living in the wild is that some things are different from what we where used to.
No, don't worry, we've got a toilet, a shower,
and even air-conditioning.

In general, all modern comfort is here too, only the internet sometimes is the well known pain in the #ss.
Our telephone connection rises to our high hidden valley through an old copper wire.
Use to having truly fast (hurry up !!!) systems in Holland,
this was a bit of a disappointment.
As internet here is a bit  like this: "i n t e r  n   e    t", including the hick ups, flaws and rumble.

So most people here use their cellphone,
and the same signal is used for internet.
Think they call it ethernet (but I am not a computer nerd).

Till recent our computer ran on older software,
not being the most up to date system so to say.
Than came the bad news, Microsoft stopped feeding the old cow.
Oh shit, that means a new system, including a new computer, as our old "washing machine" was not capable to run that modern stuff.

Well, to keep this story within your limits, we got one and another, and while I took care of our twelve different tomato varieties (still in the nursery), my lovely wife installed all this stuff I love to use.
(She does the hardware, I take care of the soft ware,
i.e. the vegetable garden and such).

So now things changed, as even that ethernet signal creeps through our new system like a hot knife through the butter.
 !!!!!!! INTERPOWERRRRR !!!!!!! 
(And all of it without steroids).

It's a small step for mankind, but was a giant step for me.
But now it's truly fun to add a couple of pages to this ongoing blog.
Which I just did, and will keep on doing.