April 14, 2014

dalmatian hinterland, (dalmatinska zagora), so you still think "ah well"

Work still in progress, but some results already worth sharing,
so you understand why we live here in Svinisce.

The two pictures show one of our terraces and the view we are blessed to have.
And not only the view, as all we hear are birds.
No noise, no traffic (apart from one every hour or so), clean air, and the most stunning view possible.

To bad for you, we are not renting apartments, no way, but there are others who do, on likewise locations here.

So if you like what you see, still less than ten minutes by car from Adriatic, Cetina and Omis, and prefer a truly quiet, peaceful holiday close to everything (and more) but a bit hidden from the crowds, well, think it over.

Our good friend Robert of www.malimlin.com knows where to find you one of these delicious hidden treasures.