April 06, 2014

kravice waterfalls, a MUST visit !

Lucky you, as you (might) intend to spend your holidays in Dalmatia !
Sun, clear blue sea, beaches and coves, all of it fit for a perfect holiday.

And if you decide to stay in or near Omis or Makarska, or somewhere between them, lucky you are again.

Of course you're planning to do some excursions, trips, or just scrolling around in one of the many charming, historic places.

Baking in the sun, interrupted by a dive in that gorgeous sea, followed by a dinner under a star sprinkled sky, what more can one ask for.

Well, ask me, and I'll share a secret with you :-)
Cross the border !

Huh, why cross the border ?
First of all, because you can tell the jealous folks at home you've spent your holidays in both beautiful Dalmatia and Bosnia.
Yes Bosnia, BiH, or Bosnia and Herzegovina.
As Bosnia is completely different and beautiful !

As there, on the road from Imotski to either Medugorje or Mostar, lies a hidden gem you simply MUST see !

The name of the town you'll pass is Ljubuski, 
and near that town is an absolute MUST SEE !!!

Do not forget to take your swim stuff, as you're going to Kravice Waterfalls.

Why ?
Because I told you so !

The trip takes you through a mostly beautiful landscape, however it's sometimes less interesting.
The whole trip takes you let's say 1.5 hours, if combining it with a visit to Medugorje (if you're a true Catholic) or Mostar (for Muslims, Catholics and Atheists) a whole day, depending on how you like to spend your day.

But don't tell me, you forgot that visit to those magnificent Kravice Waterfalls, 
as than I'll never share a secret with you again.

Not only it's a breathtaking beautiful place, where you can splash into refreshing water, it's also a nice place to have a romantic dinner.
But remember, you still have to drive back safely, so be careful when drinking, as you want to enjoy those other days on that lazy beach and not in some police station, either to pay a penalty or worse.
(Both countries are ZERO TOLERANCE on alcohol).