April 24, 2014

young pigs die young

Some vegetarians may want to read another story (I wrote a couple about vegetables too), the others may continue.

Any moment, any place, you'll see one of these basic grills, simple and very effective.
Perfect example is the Tuesday market in Zadvardje (not far from Omis), where there are two places that grill and serve grilled young pig meat.
The wood, not charcoal but WOOD, is what makes it even more tasty.
Smoky, no additives, just that meat and some sea salt.  

And what a delight that is, crispy, salty, tasty, melting in your mouth.
My favourite place is near the gas station (no problem, still far enough), where they grill behind the place, and chop and serve in front.
There you can buy whatever peace you like, as long as it's about one kilogram.

Takeaway or savoured at the (crowded) terrace, where automatically you get dishes, cutlery and some bread.
Want to drink, still early in the morning, fine, if not it's also ok.

But the taste, oh boy, that taste !
Simple, so simple, but oh dear, so extremely tasty !

I afraid of fatty hands, take a napkin with you :-)