April 24, 2014

Lidl Omis, hot air or at last !

(Picture "stolen" from a friendly photographer on the web).

The problem with rumours is that one does not know if it's fact or fiction.
Let's hope this rumour is a fact to happen:
Lidl is landing in Omis.

And that is great news !
As however there is plenty to choose from in Omis, 
my personal favourite for daily shopping is Lidl.
(Not for their meat however).

Regularly visiting the big Studenac supermarket,
I keep missing Lidl in Omis.
There are a couple in and around Split, one in Makarska, 
also in Sinj and Imotski, but Omis....

Main objection is the ridiculous Studenac "system"
for returning empty bottles or cans.
Recently the front of the store was redecorated, looks better than before, 
however, with a couple of empty bottles one still has to go to some shabby corner, in rain, wind or snow (and some sun of course). 
There a grumpy person counts every bottle one by one, before writing a ticket that gives one the right of a refund, back in the store.
Sounds pretty "old school communistic", and it is !!!!

As unless, unless ! the bottle is still with a cap, unless it's not clean enough, unless the print is only slightly damaged.
As than the CCCP-party secretary sends you to Siberia.

Come on Studenac, investing money in an update of the exterior is fine, 
but an up-to-date machine for returned bottles seems impossible ?

Give me Lidl, Kaufland or any other competitor, 
all of them with fully automated
 and client friendly in-store service.

I don't need your Clio sweepstake
(as I already have a nice car), 
all I want is an up-to-date store, where I enjoy bringing my money, 
and get the service any modern store today offers.

So let's hope Lidl does open that store in Omis, the sooner the better. 
As perhaps than Studenac finally understands that the fight for customers is only won by pro active competition, value for money and excellent service.

Welcome Lidl in Omis, hopefully not a bubble of hot air, but a fact !
Still for my meat however, I go to the butcher,
and for excellent bread I go to the new bakery in Omis. 

And by the way: 
some of the Studenac shopping carts have seen better days.
So be careful not to put in to much.