April 29, 2014

who needs (to visit) the USA...............

................... everybody !
So yes, everybody must visit the USA (once).
And to be perfectly clear, I was there twice, and had a great time.
(Once in and around Montana, once in and around Utah).

What always impresses me, is the stunning nature there, however.....it takes a zillion of miles to get from one breath taking place to another amazing peace of creation.
And THAT is the biggest difference with Dalmatia.

Here it only takes me five minutes to reach the Cetina Canyon, thirty minutes to climb Biokovo, and about an hour to stand in freezing cold on the highest peak of Dinara.

An espresso under palm trees in Makarska, overlooking the Adriatic, followed by skiing in Bosnia after less than a two hours drive.

Again I dare to ask "who needs (to visit) the USA".

Not me, not any more, as I was there (and in England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and a couple more).

Not me, no way, as I still haven't seen it all in this part of Dalmatia, 
all of it in a circle of let's say one (yes ONE) hour's drive.

So my advise to all of you is to visit all of those countries, including the USA, followed by a visit to Dalmatia.

Thán you'll know the answer too.